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Here’s what people are saying about Unverified:

"A romantic page turner that will have you laughing out loud. Don't hesitate with this one!" — Jenni Pulos, star of Bravo's Flipping Out

"In a category that rarely surprises you, this book does. I was all in from the first page to the last." — Katrina B., Ohio

"I couldn't put it down. I hid out so often in the bathroom reading that my toes went numb sitting on the edge of the tub. My children started to push notes under the door asking me what was for dinner." — Heather A., Colorado

"I'm a busy mom. I don't remember what I made for lunch or what my kids need for their zillion summer activities, but I do recall exact scenes from this book. Just so good...even weeks later." — Kristin C., Ohio

"It felt more like I was watching it, rather than reading it. There needs to be a film, because I NEED to see it for real." — Julie S., California

"Full of believable characters and real-life moments, this was a super-fun, super-fast read. Can't wait for the second book to see where Matt and Margo go next!" — Keri J., Illinois